Letter from Artisan Park HOA President, 3/21/2021

Dear SAHA & Catellus Leadership:
Please find an attached letter signed by 65 neighborhood residents immediately surrounding the proposed rezoning site at Victoria Commons. When we purchased our homes in this area, the master plan included the build out of 98 market-rate townhomes in between Refugio and Leigh Streets. We were concerned to learn of a recent plan to develop up to four new multifamily buildings. This is a clear deviation from what was previously agreed between SAHA and the neighborhood. We bought into the vision. We understand that plans sometimes change, and we’re willing to work with your teams. We are concerned about building heights, density levels, and distribution of affordable units. We write this letter to clearly state our requests and to show our willingness to work with the developers to find a compromise. We would love to see the completed development of our beautiful community and welcome our new neighbors. Thank you for your leadership and feel free to reach out to us directly if needed at any time.