Victoria Commons Zoning Request

July 1, 2021

City of San Antonio
Zoning Commission
1901 S. Alamo St

San Antonio, TX 78204

Re: Z-2020-10700223


Dear Zoning and Planning Commissioners:

The Board of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association has reviewed San Antonio Housing Authority’s and Catellus’ request for re-zoning of the Victoria Commons properties in the above-referenced case number.  The board is in support of the proposed zoning.

However, the board and neighborhood have remaining concerns, particularly as to how this project will impact the infrastructure of the area. The LNA would like to request that:

  1. During the course of development, assess an updated traffic study in which at least one member of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association is present to shadow or otherwise participate;
  2. A 4-way stop is implemented at the Labor St. and Leigh St. intersection;
  3. The SAHA Administration be preserved according to historic standards;

The LNA Board also acknowledges that the proposal shows a decreased density in the South Pond from the original plan. However, it must be noted that the residents of Leigh St. are still concerned about the density in the South Pond, particularly the height along street frontage at Mt. Zion. LNA recommends the maximum height at 2 stories for the first 30 feet from the frontage along Mt. Zion.