Labor St Park

Over the course of 2018-2019, the LNA hosted multiple community meetings with residents of Lavaca and specific meetings with Artisan Park townhome residents whose homes are adjacent to the park. In February 2020, the LNA was notified that a portion of the park leased to COSA from SAHA may become part of the proposed Victoria Commons development. The pandemic put planning on hold, but the LNA has continued to work with SAHA and COSA on possible land swap and/or rehabilitation of the Administration building to be a community center.


In 2021, a group of architecture students worked with community members to propose a number of possibilities for use of the Admin building which would preserve the park space.

The LNA is currently working with Council District 1 office to obtain bond funds to support the park. Among the most popular requests have been to keep the basketball court and add another and a dog park. There is also a strong push from residents to maintain as much open, non-programmed space as possible.