San Antonio Fear Free Environment Unit (SAFFE) is a unit within the SAPD’s Community Policing Program.

The SAFFE Unit consists of officers who focus on identifying, evaluating and resolving community crime problems with the cooperation and participation of community residents.  SAFFE officers are assigned to specific areas or neighborhoods within the city, and work closely with both residents and the district patrol officers also assigned to those areas.

For more information on Community Policing and SAFFE, please >>click here.

Contacting SAPD and SAFFE:

  • The phone number for Lavaca’s SAFFE Officers
    • David McCall, i (210) 452-3694.
    • Virginia Olvera, (210) 912-6662
  • SAPD dispatch can be reached at (210) 207-7273.
  • In an emergency, you should always dial 911.