Victoria Commons Zoning Information

E-blast sent 8/16/2021

IDZ vs IDZ 1, 2, 3
Additional note: IDZ was adopted in 2011 by City of San Antonio to encourage inner city development. Victoria Courts was one of the first properties designated IDZ. However, it became clear that IDZ was too broad, allowing for indiscriminate development. In 2017, a task force was created to review IDZ designation. In 2018, IDZ was adjusted to include levels 1, 2, and 3 each of which had more restrictions than IDZ. However, properties designated IDZ prior to 2018 were allowed to maintain that designation.
The areas within Victoria Commons up for consideration in the proposed zoning change:
Administration building, which includes the basketball courts and a portion of Labor St Park
Artisan Park, the area between the current townhomes and Leigh St single family homes.
North and South Basins
All these are currently zoned IDZ. 

The current zoning allows for zero lot line building, zero off-street parking, and no site plan to be approved in advance. The builders do have to adhere to two of the five requirements and can choose which two they want. 

The proposed zoning changes to IDZ-2 and IDZ-3 is a downzoning.


Both IDZ-2 and IDZ-3 require off-street parking while the current zoning does not. “50% reduction” is a reduction from IDZ-1 requirements. The land is not currently zoned IDZ-1. The zoning request includes an increase in parking requirements.

Traffic Study:

The current IDZ zoning does not require a traffic analysis. 

Building Height:
The current IDZ allows the developer to adhere to a 10% difference in building height, but if the developer chooses any two of the other four options, there are no height restrictions. IDZ-2 limits building height to 4 stories. IDZ 3 allows additional stories but must adhere to the site plan as originally proposed and approved. 

IDZ allows for building to the edge of the property line on either side. IDZ-2 and IDZ-3 require at least a 5 foot setback from the property line.

More explanations of the IDZ-1, 2, and 3 categories below:

Because the Administration building includes a significant portion of the park, and because green space is essential, In October of 2020, the LNA recommended SAHA reconsider the plans for this building in such a way that it would maintain the entire park for public use. See items 2 and 7 here.

The LNA continues to work with SAHA, Catellus and the City of San Antonio to discuss possible uses of the Administration building the preserve both its historic integrity and allows for maximum utilization of the park space.

In sum, the zoning request is as follows, from IDZ to:The Townhomes Site will now be classified as IDZ-2. The North and South Basin Sites and Administration Building Site will be classified as IDZ-3 with no ground-floor commercial but uses such as daycare, community/civic, educational or amenities are allowed. While the ultimate use of the Administration Building Site is still to be determined, by including it as IDZ-3 in this rezone process, it allows greater flexibility for future discussions while providing the restrictions included in IDZ-3.

The Child Care Site will not be included in this rezoning application and will remain IDZ with all current allowable uses. For the Child Care Site, during preliminary meetings with City staff on the zoning, they noted that the current zoning is sufficient for the planned uses and they did not advise including it in the re-zone process. This does not change the planned use of the site; it is still planned for townhomes with a density of 20 units per acre and heights up to three stories.

Should the zoning commission choose to support the zoning request, this would lead to:
Decreased density
Increase in parking requirements
Increase in setbacks
Limits on height

Should the zoning commission choose to oppose the zoning request, this would allow:
Increased density 
Zero off-street parking
Zero setbacks
Minimal limits on height

Traffic and the impact of density on existing infrastructure continue to be a concern for the LNA, as noted in items 3 & 6 on October 23, 2020. In its letter on July 1, 2021, the LNA recommended that a an updated traffic study be conducted and a 4-way stop be considered at Labor and Leigh St. The LNA continues in discussions regarding alternate access to I-37 and additional outlets onto Labor St, provided these do not impact the use of the park. 

Victoria Commons Zoning Request

July 1, 2021

City of San Antonio
Zoning Commission
1901 S. Alamo St

San Antonio, TX 78204

Re: Z-2020-10700223


Dear Zoning and Planning Commissioners:

The Board of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association has reviewed San Antonio Housing Authority’s and Catellus’ request for re-zoning of the Victoria Commons properties in the above-referenced case number.  The board is in support of the proposed zoning.

However, the board and neighborhood have remaining concerns, particularly as to how this project will impact the infrastructure of the area. The LNA would like to request that:

  1. During the course of development, assess an updated traffic study in which at least one member of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association is present to shadow or otherwise participate;
  2. A 4-way stop is implemented at the Labor St. and Leigh St. intersection;
  3. The SAHA Administration be preserved according to historic standards;

The LNA Board also acknowledges that the proposal shows a decreased density in the South Pond from the original plan. However, it must be noted that the residents of Leigh St. are still concerned about the density in the South Pond, particularly the height along street frontage at Mt. Zion. LNA recommends the maximum height at 2 stories for the first 30 feet from the frontage along Mt. Zion.

Articles about Victoria Commons


March 30, 6-7pm

SAHA and Catellus would like to invite community members to a virtual meeting on the redevelopment of Victoria Commons, a vibrant community in downtown San Antonio hosting a mix of public housing, affordable/workforce housing, and rental/homeownership opportunities.  The Victoria Commons redevelopment team has been reviewing all site options and will share progress and an updated land use map during the meeting. To attend, please register below.  If you would like to learn more about Victoria Commons, please visit to review our FAQs and past outreach presentations. Future project updates and community outreach meetings will also be posted there.
We thank all community members who have participated in past outreach sessions, small group meetings and individual input emails or calls. 

Register here.

LNA General Meeting 3/16/2021

The video of the meeting can be found here.

7:00pm Viva Lavaca! & House Float Parade

7:05pm SAISD Bond Update – Steve Lechelop

7:15pm SAISD School Board D1 Candidate Forum

             Steve Lecholop and Sarah Sorensen

7:45pm: Southtown Community Garden

7:50pm: FEMA Resources

7:55pm: Florida/Carolina

8:00pm: Victoria Commons

8;15pm Adjourn

Letter from Artisan Park HOA President, 3/21/2021

Dear SAHA & Catellus Leadership:
Please find an attached letter signed by 65 neighborhood residents immediately surrounding the proposed rezoning site at Victoria Commons. When we purchased our homes in this area, the master plan included the build out of 98 market-rate townhomes in between Refugio and Leigh Streets. We were concerned to learn of a recent plan to develop up to four new multifamily buildings. This is a clear deviation from what was previously agreed between SAHA and the neighborhood. We bought into the vision. We understand that plans sometimes change, and we’re willing to work with your teams. We are concerned about building heights, density levels, and distribution of affordable units. We write this letter to clearly state our requests and to show our willingness to work with the developers to find a compromise. We would love to see the completed development of our beautiful community and welcome our new neighbors. Thank you for your leadership and feel free to reach out to us directly if needed at any time.